Moreno Valley selected KOA in June 2008 for modifications at the Perris Blvd and SR-60 WB On-Ramp intersection. The project cost was below $3M, so Caltrans Streamlined Oversight Process was followed to complete the design and obtain an encroachment permit from Caltrans District 8. The project included adding a SB right turn lane. Besides the road widening, the project included traffic signal modifications, drainage consideration, and WB on-ramp modifications at the intersection. Improvements included ADA access design at the curb return in accordance with the Caltrans District 8 requirements. Due to the close proximity of Wendy’s restaurant drive-thru lane, the Caltrans standard width for the proposed right turn drop lane was dropped from 16’ to 14’. A fact sheet had to be prepared and design exceptions were obtained from the District. The project was constructed in 2011. KOA also assisted the City during the construction phase of the project. This project was completed with substantial savings to the City.