Grant Writing & Management

Grant Writing

KOA is well-versed in the procedures and requirements of preparing grant applications, especially for Active Transportation projects (ATP). KOA has prepared nearly 20 winning grant applications for Southern California cities. KOA provides the necessary planning level analyses, maps, and exhibits needed to develop compelling narratives for each grant application. As part of our services, we prepare engineering plans and detailed cost estimates that are important for securing funding. Our submittals have a 74% success rate for grants and an 88% success rate for ATP applications. Through KOA’s efforts, our clients have collectively been awarded more than $25 million dollars for their respective projects.

Grant Management

On behalf of our clients, KOA manages grants during all project phases to meet the requirements of the funding source. As part of this service, we submit the appropriate documents to the funding agency and monitor the progression of the project, all according to the funding agency’s prescribed schedule. Our designated funding management staff has the ability to balance projects at their different phases and is familiar with the federal funding process to assist agencies with a variety of tasks, including creating grant milestone schedules for each project, completing time extension requests, obtaining environmental clearance, obtaining right-of-way certification, completing the E-76 package for construction, submitting the award package, providing invoicing support, and completing Caltrans’ semi-annual reports and LA Metro’s quarterly reports.

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