Mobility Planning

Mobility Planning

KOA’s mobility planning team balances the needs of all aspects of the transportation network in every effort we undertake, applying and developing best practices in the industry. Our planners and engineers develop solutions that work as well on paper as they do once implemented, seamlessly moving plans, programs, and projects from vision to construction. Our solutions to transportation issues incorporate community input, urban design and sustainability to benefit the rapidly changing world of how we live, work, play and travel. Our goal is to benefit transportation systems that promote complete streets and safety for all ages and abilities.

Complete Streets

At KOA, we believe that complete streets planning and engineering plays an important role in creating safer, healthier, and more equitable communities through developing policies, programs, and infrastructure improvements that make roadways safer and more comfortable for all.

Through our efforts in planning, engineering, and design, we have developed a diverse portfolio of complete streets plans and projects over the years, many of which have been implemented. We have witnessed first-hand the transformative nature of complete streets has made in communities across Southern California.

  • Active Transportation Plans
  • Bicycle Master Plans
  • Bikeway and Trail Planning
  • Complete Streets Plans
  • Corridor Studies
  • Curb/Parking Management Studies
  • Goods Movement Plans
  • First/Last Mile Plans
  • Fixed Guideway Transit Studies
  • Long Range Transportation Plans
  • Micromobility Studies
  • Multimodal Plans
  • Pedestrian Master Plans
  • Policy Analysis for Circulation Elements
  • Transportation Demand Management (TDM) Analysis
  • Transit Planning
  • Rail Transit


KOA is well-versed in advancing transportation plans, policies and programs into funded and constructed projects. Our commitment to implementation starts at the beginning of the planning process with interactive community outreach. Our planners and engineers have experience in facilitating in-person workshops and pop-up events as well as developing online map-based surveys and illustrative project webpages. KOA is also thoroughly familiar with the process for coordinating and planning demonstration projects for municipalities across Southern California. The development of tactile demonstrations showcasing infrastructure improvements is a valuable tool for public outreach, as community members can directly experience potential improvements prior to the full construction of an infrastructure project.

Another important tool to advance implementation of transportation plans and programs is through our grant writing services. Our staff is knowledgeable of the procedures and requirements of competitive grants at the federal, state and regional level. KOA provides the necessary planning level analyses, maps, and exhibits needed to develop compelling narratives for each grant application. As part of our services, we prepare engineering plans and detailed cost estimates that are important for securing funding. Once funding is awarded to cities, KOA can also manage grants during all project phases to meet funding source requirements. This includes creating grant milestone schedules, completing time extension requests, obtaining environmental clearance, obtaining right-of-way certification, completing E-76 packages for construction, providing invoicing support, and completing funding agency reports.

  • Community Outreach
  • Demonstration Projects
  • Grant Management
  • Grant Writing

Traffic Analysis

Traffic Analysis has been one of KOA’s long standing professional services. KOA has provided traffic analyses on many environmental impact studies and reports, including traffic and parking impact studies, for over the past two decades. KOA has analyzed traffic circulation patterns and parking demand as part of the environmental review process, and analyzed parking lot design as part of the preliminary and final design process. Our clients in this area are made up of private developers, educational and medical institutions, and City governments. KOA is familiar with the standard requirements of traffic impact report preparation and environmental analysis. We are capable of preparing an independent review or serving as support to an environmental firm on a report for an initial study. We have also prepared parking lot demand studies, as well as lighting, signing and striping plans.

  • Environmental Studies and Design
  • Institutional Studies and Design
  • Level of Service (LOS) Analysis
  • Master Planning Modeling and Simulations
  • Site Access, Circulation Analyses and Design
  • Site Parking Layout Enhancement
  • Traffic Analysis for Circulation Elements
  • Traffic and Parking Impact Studies
  • Transportation Impact Analysis (TIA)
  • Vehicles Miles Traveled (VMT) Analysis


Our focus on safety for all travelers is one of the foundations of KOA’s Mobility Planning practice. Our staff takes pride in our well-established reputation as experts in transportation safety. Through our experience in developing over four dozen Safe Routes, Systemic Safety Analysis and Local Roadway Safety Plans across Southern California, we focus on developing Plans that contain implementable policies, programs, and projects. Our success in safety planning stems from our multi-disciplinary approach and collaboration between our planners and engineers. We balance evaluation of data with in-house GIS tools, in-person field reviews and incorporation of best practices in policy. This includes a development of constructible concept designs and cost estimates that are included within many of our safety plans – allowing for our clients to pursue competitive grant funds immediately upon plan adoption.

Advancing from planning policy documents to implementation, we also have extensive experience in developing neighborhood traffic calming and traffic management plans for jurisdictions. Our planners and engineers have the ability to lead safety assessments at a granular level, which includes conducting signage inventories and signal warrants. With the advancement of Vision Zero initiatives globally, KOA’s planners and engineers are passionate in developing context-sensitive solutions that aim to dramatically improve safety for all roadway users.

  • Collision Analysis Studies
  • Local Roadway Safety Plans
  • Safe Routes Plans/Programs
  • Neighborhood Traffic Management Plans (NTMP)
  • Safety Assessments
  • Signage Inventory Analysis
  • Signal Warrant Analysis
  • Traffic Calming Plans
  • Vision Zero Plans

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