KOA has served as the “on-call” transportation consultant to this major studio, which is developed in a campus-like setting. We prepared a comprehensive traffic study that analyzed the traffic, parking, and transit impacts of the over 1.1 million square-foot expansion of the studio that was a key element in the Development Agreement with the City of Culver City. Our work included a survey of the existing traffic, transit, and parking demands; projection of future demands using computerized model projections; preparation of feasible transportation improvement programs; and cost estimation of these improvements. We also developed detailed parking, shuttle access, and on-site plans for the studio. In addition, we prepared street lighting, traffic signal, and striping & signage plans for roadway improvements. We have also prepared an inventory of parking facilities and provided an as-built parking plan for the entire studio. We have conduct annual monitoring of the studio’s parking and traffic generation as required in the project’s Development Agreement and have conducted mitigation trigger analyses for upcoming projects.