KOA prepared the necessary traffic analyses for the Porter Ranch Specific Plan development of over 3,400 dwelling units and 6,000,000 square feet of commercial uses for this long-range development. We have remained involved in the development of Porter Ranch for more than twenty-five years and continue to process the final tracts and to prepare plans for the transportation improvements. Most recently we have prepared and received approval for a set of roadway improvement plans for Tract 50509-01 which included signal, signing and striping and street lighting plans.  We also prepare worksite traffic control plans to allow for the safe construction of the required roadway improvements. We assisted the team with review of the transportation considerations for the connections between private and public right-of-way.  Our recent design efforts were coordinated with the project civil engineer, the Council Office and other stakeholders in the area. Currently, our plan preparation is being extended into an adjacent Tract which will require additional roadway improvement plan preparation.