KOA helped the Port design their first bike path, which runs adjacent to various tourist attractions.  A combination of bikeway classes (I, II, and III), innovative bike facilities, landscapes, wayfinding signs, public art/display boards, and three crescent piers were provided for pedestrians and bicyclists along the south shore ocean front area that includes access to the hotels, the Harbor Light Yacht Club, the Reef Restaurant, Harry Bridges Memorial Park, Catalina Express charter services, the Russian Submarine Scorpion, the RMS Queen Mary, Carnival Cruise Lines terminal, Island Express Helicopters, and the recreational fishing area along the riprap lining the east shoreline of Pier J.  KOA managed subconsultants who performed the structural work and associated architectural, mechanical, electrical, and plumbing for the restroom facility, the cantilevered pier outlook structures, and the retaining walls and performed landscaping and wayfinding services for the project.