KOA planned a completed ped/bike trail system through the entire City. The proposed trail runs diagonally throughout the length of the City, making much of Moreno Valley accessible by non-motorized means. As a result, numerous opportunities will be provided for walking and bicycling to local parks, schools, residential neighborhoods, shopping, entertainment, religious and social congregations, and commercial areas, in addition to a through corridor to regional trail systems. KOA identified the opportunities, benefits, and constraints associated with constructing a continuous multi-use active transportation trail through Moreno Valley, in order to help the City pursue future grant funding for implementation/construction of the trail. The PA&ED looked at a number of trail alignments, implications of each alternative for constructability, impacts to the community, and different cost perspectives for implementation. The finished Trail will bisect the City, making most of Moreno Valley walking and biking accessible, but it will also support a historical landmark as it becomes a completed portion of the larger 1,200-mile Juan Bautista de Anza Trail.