KOA was retained by the City of Garden Grove to create an active downtown plan. KOA evaluated and analyzed the existing conditions of the downtown area, performed a GHG reduction analysis, and developed an Active Downtown Plan with conceptual designs for proposed improvements. On Acacia Parkway, which functions as the backbone of Downtown Garden Grove, KOA recommended artistic crosswalks, protected bike lanes, a roundabout, and a protected intersection. KOA also piloted an e-learning tool to educate the community and gather online feedback on proposed concepts. The goals of this project were: 1) Connectivity – create better and improved connections to get to and from Downtown Garden Grove, 2) Accessibility – help people get to the places they most want to in Downtown by developing a supportive culture for walking, biking, and other emerging alternative modes of transportation, 3) Arts & Downtown Culture – create a vibrant Downtown that integrates public art and spaces into the built environment through the context and cultures of Garden Grove’s community, 4) Community Health – provide opportunities for the community to utilize Downtown parks, off-street paths, routes, and public spaces through walking, biking, and other alternative modes of transportation, and 5) Safety – improve the overall safety of people walking and biking to and from, and within Downtown Garden Grove.