The City of Long Beach is retaining KOA to prepare a parking study for two study areas: a portion of the Downtown Long Beach central business district and a portion of Alamitos Beach, a downtown-adjacent residential and mixed-use neighborhood. The need for this parking study is a result of a settlement between the City of Long Beach and a local advocacy group (LBTAPS). KOA is preparing a parking study that includes a comprehensive review of public parking management strategies and practices and opportunities. KOA will be conducting meetings/focus group meetings with City staff and other members of the business and residential community, conducting a comprehensive review of existing studies and parking policies, conducting data collection (on-street and off-street parking inventory and occupancy data, parking lot operation hours and parking rates, surveying all on-street parking restrictions, and compiling the availability, utilization, turnover and duration data for the two parking study areas), developing potential parking management strategies and recommendations, developing implementation strategies, and preparing a final parking study report. KOA will also be conducting outreach services which include the preparation of an outreach plan, preparing questionnaires and conducting surveys in a variety of formats, and attending neighborhood association meetings to collect input and feedback from the community.