The Pacific Coast Highway (PCH) corridor within the City of Malibu is the sole east-west arterial within the larger coastal area as well as the City, and serves connecting neighborhood roadways, residential uses at the shoreline with driveways directly onto the highway, commercial uses that also front the highway, and beach/recreational uses.  KOA conducted a review for the Mountains Recreation and Conservation Authority (MRCA) of potential traffic, parking, and pedestrian/bicycle access impacts for eight proposed beach access improvement sites in the PCH corridor.  The study incorporated existing data from the separate PCH Safety Study being conducted by the City of Malibu and Caltrans.  KOA conducted activity monitoring at two existing improved sites, collected parking supply and demand data for PCH on-street parking areas within walking distance of each site, incorporated use estimates provided by MRCA, reviewed access routes for pedestrians crossing PCH, and identified potentially significant traffic, parking, and access impacts near each site and within the larger study area.