KOA recently finalized work on the City’s award-winning Citywide Complete Streets Plan. For this project, KOA worked closely with City staff to develop a tailored community outreach plan that was inclusive of all the city’s residents. Using input acquired from the public outreach events and collected by staff, KOA developed a complete streets plan for the major street typologies in the City. This included recommendations for addressing traffic safety, vehicle/pedestrian conflicts, and recommendations to accommodate all modes of transportation. Furthermore, KOA also recommended and designed a Low Stress Network for local/residential streets. The network includes traffic calming elements to improve safety and encourage more bicycle and pedestrian usage of these streets. A unique feature within this Plan is KOA’s nuanced approach to setting it up for implementation. KOA did this by “packaging” each street and its recommended treatments as an individual project. KOA then prepared cost estimates for each mini-project and ranked them based on a set of tailored criteria. Due to KOA’s efforts, the City was awarded $7 million in construction funds through ATP Cycle 5. The project was the recipient of the American Planning Association – Los Angeles Chapter’s Transportation Planning Award of Merit.