Lambert Road TSSP

KOA was retained by the City of Whittier to provide traffic engineering services for the Traffic Signal Synchronization Program (TSSP) along Lambert Road from Washington Boulevard to Grayling Avenue within the City of Whittier. The project includes improvements at the following 17 intersections, 7 of which are located adjacent to Union Pacific Rail Road (UPRR) at-grade crossings. The 7 intersections adjacent to at-grade crossings will include pre-signal design and require coordination with on-going design of the Whittier Greenway Trail East Extension, UPRR, and California Public Utilities Commission (CPUC). The project also requires coordination and approval from Los Angeles County of Public Works (LACDPW). The TSSP improvements involve providing for full-traffic actuated operations, which include controller/cabinet upgrades, an appropriate vehicle detection system, interconnect and/or time-based coordination (using GPS UTB units). Other TSSP improvements included modifications or upgrades to comply with the current California MUTCD, highway safety lighting, and curb ramp/crosswalk improvements where the proposed improvements have an impact on these pedestrian facilities. KOA provided initial recommendation based on project budget at each intersection and developed a complete PS&E package for construction.