Fair Oaks Avenue HSIP Signal & Metro ATMS Improvement Project

KOA was selected by the City of South Pasadena to provide engineering design services for traffic signal improvements, fiber optic interconnect, and a new centralized advanced traffic management system (ATMS) to be constructed at City Hall.

The project is funded through a combination of HSIP and Metro grants.  The HSIP grant funded improvements include new EVP’s, ATC 2070 Controllers, and Advanced Dilemma Zone Detection to 12 intersections along Fair Oaks Avenue.  KOA is also providing environmental clearance support and coordination with Caltrans.

The funds from the METRO funded grants will establish a 1.75 mile single mode fiber optic (SMFO) backbone communication system to the 15 project intersections along Fair Oaks Avenue and with direct connection to LA County Public Works TMC..  Through this project, KOA also field documented and tested existing communications for direct fiber connection between the County TMC and South Pasadena. Signal timing and coordination will be completed once construction has finished.