City of Diamond Bar On-Call ITS/TMC Support Services

KOA provided traffic engineering and technical support to the City for various signal operations, communication, and central system management system task support that included:

  • Troubleshooting interconnect issues between the field and the traffic management center and advising City engineering to the latest applicable rules and standards, and ITS-related designs and upgrades.
  • Provided citywide signal monitoring and support, accessing the City’s TMC (Transcore-Transuite) externally, to manage operations as needed.
  • Implementation of the City’s traffic responsive system.
  • Performed diagnostic testing on components inside the cabinet and the communication system in the TMC.
  • Producing the City Traffic Signal Maintenance and Operation Master Plan (TSOM Master Plan) in 2014 and TSOM Master Plan update completed in 2016.
  • Implementing and testing different vendor 2070 ATC controllers installed at four intersections for performance review and recommendation for future citywide implementation.