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KOA has a reputation for innovation and leadership in the design and engineering of transportation systems throughout Southern California. For the past 30 years, we have demonstrated engineering leadership in all aspects of our streets and highways including traffic signals, intelligent transportation systems, communications, signal timing and operations, street lighting, intersection design, highway design, parking, worksite traffic control, active transportation and complete streets, transit systems, ADA compliance, and systemic safety analysis reporting.

We have worked for nearly every municipal agency in Southern California and also provide on-call services for many of them. Our designs and plans are known for their high quality and cost-effective use of resources and budgets.

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Mobility Planning

KOA’s transportation planning team balances the needs of all aspects of the transportation system in every project we undertake, applying and developing the best practices in the industry. Our planners and engineers develop ideas and solutions that work as well on paper as they do once constructed. Our solutions to planning issues incorporate mobility, urban design, and sustainability to benefit the rapidly changing world of how we live, work, play, and travel. Our goal is to plan transportation systems that promote safety and alternate forms of mobility such as pedestrian, bicycle and transit, to provide a comprehensive reduction on the impacts of motor vehicle traffic.

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Construction Management

Our construction professionals apply many years of experience on federal, state, and locally funded projects, including municipal agency, utility and private construction. We provide construction management and observation services for bridges, highways, civil projects, roadways, utilities, transportation, rail, airports, vertical structures, and park projects. Our team consists of some of the most practical Construction Managers and Technicians available. KOA provides all parties with up-to-the-minute information and is sensitive to the special needs of the community. Our construction inspectors bring years of accrued skills in dealing with contractors and keeping projects on schedule and on budget.

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Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS)

Intelligent Transportation System (ITS) is an advanced technology which innovatively integrates multiple technology in order to achieve maximum efficiency of transportation infrastructure. By implementing ITS, we enrich commuters with information relating to different modes of transportation and traffic management, which helps with route choices resulting in reduced travel time. KOA is well known for the specialized expertise needed for proper application of ITS to improve the overall capabilities of a transportation system for public agencies.

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Local Road Safety Plan (LRSP) & Systemic Safety Analysis Report Program (SSARP)

LRSPs/SSARs require a data-driven quantitative analysis of “big data,” at which KOA’s knowledgeable in-house GIS team excels. Our team of experienced engineers leads project collision and safety analysis, countermeasure selection, and development of constructible concept designs and cost estimates. Our clients can be confident that KOA will deliver a successful Local Road Safety Plan suited to their agency needs.

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Grant Writing & Management

KOA is well-versed in the procedures and requirements of preparing grant applications, especially for Active Transportation projects (ATP). KOA has prepared nearly 20 winning grant applications for Southern California cities.  KOA provides the necessary planning level analyses, maps, and exhibits needed to develop compelling narratives for each grant application.  As part of our services, we prepare engineering plans and detailed cost estimates that are important for securing funding.  Our submittals have a 74% success rate for grants and an 88% success rate for ATP applications. Through KOA’s efforts, our clients have collectively won more than $25 million dollars for their respective projects.

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