The US-101/Universal Studios Boulevard Improvement Project proposed a US-101 Freeway southbound on-ramp, located on the eastside of Universal Studios Boulevard north of Cahuenga Boulevard. The project also proposed modification to the US-101 southbound on-ramp at Cahuenga Boulevard/Regal Place/US-101 Southbound ramps intersection, and closure of the US-101 southbound off-ramp at the Cahuenga Boulevard/US-101 (Barham Boulevard Off-Ramp). The project further required the installation of an overhead sign for the proposed southbound on-ramp, two closed-circuit-television cameras (CCTV), and a changeable message sign (CMS) connecting the City of Los Angeles ATSAC system. The existing City of Los Angeles traffic signal/street lighting system, as well as the Caltrans existing communications system along the US-101 Freeway were all affected by the ramp modifications. KOA developed PS&E for City of Los Angeles “B” Permit traffic signal, signing & striping, and street lighting plans to accommodate modifications to the ramps. We also prepared an overhead sign plan for the proposed new southbound on-ramp on Universal Studios Boulevard, as well as repairing plans for two closed-circuit-television cameras (CCTV) and providing changeable message sign (CMS) plans, including the design of an ITS system connecting the proposed CCTV and CMS to the City of Los Angeles ATSAC system. We also prepared Caltrans ITS plans for modification of the Caltrans communication system on US-101 Free way affected by the project.