Traffic Signal & Street Improvement at Riverside Avenue/Linden Avenue

The original scope of the project was to install a new traffic signal system at the intersection of Riverside Avenue and Linden Avenue. The existing intersection is not currently constructed to its ultimate width, but coordination with the property owners will take place to obtain additional right of way to allow installation of the traffic signal improvements at their ultimate locations. After the KOA team completed 85% PS&E package per the original scope, the City desired to extend the project scope which includes widening Riverside Avenue with two through lanes for the northbound traffic. Thirteen (13) parcels and existing power poles will be impacted due to the proposed widening. The final scope of work includes coordination with impacted utility companies for relocation of existing facilities; preparation of right of way legal descriptions and plats; providing right of way appraisal and acquisition services; and coordinating with San Bernardino County to obtain signing and striping approval. 100% PS&E has been completed.