Neither Madison Middle School nor Lake Elementary School have sufficient parking or staging space on site to accommodate the number of vehicles that daily pick up students from the schools.  Presently, vehicles queue on Lake Boulevard awaiting their turn to enter the school sites. This results in blocked through lanes, turn lanes, bike lanes, and intersections.   Furthermore, students that walk are in conflict with the vehicles turning into and out of the school sites.

The objectives then of the traffic and circulation study for the two schools were:

  • To accommodate a greater number of vehicles staging off-street.
  • To expedite the loading of students into parked or standing vehicles.
  • To minimize and more safely control the potential for conflict between students and vehicles.

To address these concerns KOA provided traffic engineering services that included:

  • School dismissal observations
  • Collection of traffic and student counts
  • Preparation of an observation memo
  • Development of improvement recommendations
  • Meeting with the school district and City traffic engineering staff to present the study findings