KOA assisted the project environmental lead with the analysis of traffic impacts for site remediation activities during the peak period of remediation activities, and the related temporary increase in traffic on the area roadway system.  The study area included unincorporated areas of the County of Ventura in the vicinity of Simi Valley, and areas of the City of Los Angeles.  The overall analysis effort included temporary mitigation measures such as traffic control during the remediation period.  The project construction impacts were calculated based on area roadway capacities, operating conditions, and the amount of employee vehicles, construction trucks, and haul trucks generated by site activities.  General sight distance issues at new or temporary site driveways were examined.  Study area roadway segments and intersections were examined for impacts, as well as freeway mainline segments.  General access issues along the extents of the local roadway segments and the State Route 118 interchange used by project traffic were examined, and safety issues associated with school zones and rural/hilly residential areas were also addressed.