The construction of the San Ramon storm-drainage system comprised of the following elements: The construction of a 2,000-foot long 80” diameter rib & lagging tunnel; a 500-foot long 80” diameter traditional hand-mined slantdrain tunnel to the beach; installation of a 4,000-foot long 56” ‘Permalok’ Steel Pipe; substantial inlet structure within the San Ramon Canyon; and a large outlet structure below the bluff on the beach; KOA was involved with the construction of a large PCC access road; significant filling and grading within the canyon with the installation of sub-drains and rip rap lining; and installation of native landscaping to satisfy the permitting Agencies requirements. Various other components associated with the operations listed above included: grouting the annular space between the pipe and tunnels, shoring, bedding, backfill, reinforced concrete pipe (RCP), temporary bypass HOPE pipe, various types of catch basins, manholes, junction structures, concrete collars, erosion control, movement monitoring devices, AC pavement rehabilitation, water quality measures, miscellaneous surface improvement replacements and related removals / relocations / adjustments, traffic control, and related appurtenances.