KOA laid out an action plan for the installation of buffered bike lanes, cycle tracks, and bike boulevards along 10 corridors in the City of Pasadena. Work documented in the Plan is referenced in NACTO Urban Bikeway Design Guide. Building on a prior Bikeway Analysis and Feasibility Study (see below), the Bikeway Transportation Action Plan recommends the implementation of a network of bikeways such that every neighborhood in Pasadena is within a ¼ mile of an effective bicycling route in every direction. In addition, the plan includes a roseway network of low-speed, low-traffic-volume neighborhood streets where people of all ages and abilities can comfortably bicycle and use other forms of active transportation.  The plan also outlined educational strategies for both bicyclists and motorists designed to increase the safety of biking in the city.  This action plan will help further City goals of significantly increasing the number of people who commute by bike; increasing the number of people who use a bike for utilitarian trips, fitness and recreation; and providing business and economic benefits for the City.