The project study area was defined as a half-mile walkshed area at the station site. A larger three-mile bikeshed area was also included. Existing conditions were analyzed, including income, population, land use, points of interest, bicycle facilities, and transit stops and ridership. Findings and recommendations of the recent West Whittier-Los Nietos Pedestrian Plan were also incorporated into the analysis. Two walk audit events (one on a weekday, one on a weekend day) were held in the local area. The participants included neighborhood and community groups. The walk audits were initiated with a presentation on the First/Last Mile audit process and a tutorial on how to use the provided forms and the mobile app for issues/desires documentation.Barriers and opportunities were documented in the categories of sidewalk conditions, poorly marked crosswalks, lack of high visibility crosswalks, lack of safe crossings, common speeding patterns, turning pedestrian/vehicle conflicts, curb ramp conditions, lighting, signage and wayfinding, pedestrian/bicycle crossing points and traffic controls, and bicycle facilities. Improvements to typical routes were identified and prioritized.