Mount Vernon Avenue Bridge & Roadway Widening Project

KOA was selected to provide services for the existing bridge widening from existing 2 lanes to 4 lanes with bike lanes on each side including curb gutter and sidewalk. The roadway also intersects with EB Ramps of I-10 interchange which will also require modification and approval from Caltrans District 8. This is a federally funded project so NEPA and CEQA Clearance was required through Caltrans District 8 which has been delegated the NEPA clearance responsibility by FHWA. Main challenges of the project include maintaining the required clearance over the UPRR tracks, obtaining approval of the design from UPRR, and project approval from Caltrans District 8. Other design features include geometric design of the bridge alignment including EB ramp modifications at the interchange, hydraulic studies, drainage design, bridge structure design, and geotechnical studies including Initial Site Assessment study (ISA).