KOA prepared the Morongo Basin Active Transportation Plan (ATP) that will serve as a sub-regional ATP under the overall regional San Bernardino County ATP. The communities included in the Plan consisted of the City of Twentynine Palms, Town of Yucca Valley, and eight unincorporated communities: Morongo Valley, Yucca Valley Area, Pioneertown, Rimrock, Landers, Twentynine Palms Area, Wonder Valley, and Joshua Tree. The Morongo Basin ATP will provide social, economic, environmental, and health benefits to the residents by creating safer, more accessible streets. As a plan for an entire sub-region that encompasses 43-square miles, the Morongo Basin ATP developed not only a regional active transportation network that connects all neighboring communities, but it details improvements for local focus areas within every Morongo Basin community as well. Along with programming initiatives and placemaking strategies, the Plan provided a comprehensive approach to realizing a more walkable and bikeable Morongo Basin. The Plan was not only unique and transformative in its outcome, but also during its development process. The plan included walk audits at 9 schools, outreach at community events and a tactical urbanism demonstration. Also recognizing the importance of the arts community in the region, the Project Team included a public arts-related outreach component, resulting in two local artist projects: a SRTS/active transportation safety zone and a community-inspired temporary wayfinding signage. Rooted in the needs of the community, the Plan was a product of the unwavering support and dedicated collaboration between local jurisdictions, regional agencies, major stakeholders, advocates, residents, and other community members.