Since July 2015, KOA has managed and completed multiple traffic signal synchronization projects (TSSPs) for the City of Long Beach. These TSSPs provide corridors with updated CA MUTCD-compliant phase timing and optimized coordination plans during the AM, Noon, and PM peak periods. Additional project tasks included count and data collection; field reviews; “before” and “after” studies; revising controller timing charts, and submittal of the final report. All projects utilized Synchro and Tru-Traffic software. Ocean Boulevard TSSP (2015-2016): This project corridor has 29 signals spanning 3.67 miles of the City’s main beach front and Downtown arterial. Implementation of the project’s optimized signal timing resulted in an average increase of 20% in average travel speed and a 20% decrease in travel time for the morning and evening peak periods. Six-Corridor TSSP (2015-2017): The project included cross-corridor signal synchronization for Spring Street, Willow Avenue, Carson Street, Cherry Avenue, Lakewood Boulevard, and Bellflower Boulevard. It included 118 signals along the six crossing corridors, that each exceeded five miles in length. Project management included multi-agency coordination with Caltrans District 7 and the cities of Signal Hill, Carson, Bellflower, and Lakewood. The performance of the after studies is pending completion of the CIP roadway construction in 2019.