KOA provided Project Management services for the City of Long Beach, for the Lakewood Blvd Rehabilitation Project. The project included the rehabilitation of Lakewood Blvd from the Outer Traffic Circle to Willow Street. The project featured Cement Treated Base on the number 2 and 3 lanes on both the North bound and South bound sides, with a grind overlay method utilized in the number 1 lanes. The project was completed ahead of schedule and $250,000 under budget, due to KOA’s suggestion to use the Cement Treated Base method. After field observation of the existing subgrade, KOA notified the City to have the soils tested with a report on the R values. This report was submitted with a recommendation to use the suggested Cement Treated Base. The project also involved the upgrade of the traffic signals at the Lakewood Blvd/23rd Street intersection and the Lakewood Blvd/Stearns intersection, installation of interconnect system and new traffic signal control panels.