KOA provided staff augmentation and capital project management for the City of Lawndale’s Department of Public Works. The project goal was to rehabilitate the roadway that had a PCI of 25 based on the PMS system, update the traffic signals to ease congestion during AM/PM peak hours, and to construct the median landscape and fence in front of the school property to prevent students from crossing a very busy street. To accomplish this goal, the project involved many different entities such as the school district, utility companies for the relocation of their facilities, and obtaining service from other utility companies such as water and electric. KOA managed a major thoroughfare with an ADT of 45,000, which involved performing final paving on a Saturday so that the entire street could be closed for paving operation. Adjacent to the commercial and school areas, there were many residential unit developments along the project limits. KOA was able to utilize Rubberized Asphalt pavement which reduced the heavy street-level noise. This noise reduction, especially at night, was the most appreciated accomplishment from this project. Additionally, KOA performed value engineering during construction and reduced costs.