KOA was chosen by the L.A. County Metropolitan Transportation Authority to lead this project, which is designed to prepare a PSR-PDS document to estimate and program the capital outlay support cost necessary to complete project studies and work during PA&ED.  KOA developed new ramp connectors between I-5 and I-710, which will replace existing ramp connectors that do not meet the AASHTO and Caltrans requirements. The design will consider all other studies associated within the project area.  The intent of the I-710 Corridor Project is to construct a freight corridor on right-of-way currently used as a utility corridor. A critical feature of the geometric design will include consideration of four options for 10-lane full standard design to widen I-5 south of the I-710 undertaken by Caltrans.  Each connector option will consider the four I-5 freeway widening.  The proposed connector designs will incorporate potential East/West Freight Corridor (EWFC) options developed by others. The I-710 is a major North-South interstate connecting the City of Los Angeles and the Ports of Long Beach and Los Angeles.  It has a high volume of heavy duty truck traffic and a capacity which has been severely restrained.  Although Metro is the primary agency, the project is being performed in collaboration with Caltrans District 7.