KOA has been providing CM and Inspection services on this on-call contract since 2016. KOA provided construction management services on this $810,000 project that consisted of removal and replacement of 158’ LF of 8” Curb and Gutter; removal and replacement of 120’ LF of a portion of Cross Gutter / Spandrel per City Standards; full width grind of existing 190,000 SF of AC pavement 1.5” deep; 186,000 SF of Cold in Place Recycle Existing pavement 3” Thick; Construct 1,840 Tons of 1.5” Thick ARHM Overlay; Class I Bike Lanes; Construct Traffic Striping; Replace loops; Markings and Markers; 17 Pedestrian Ramp Replacements of Case A,B,C,D,F, & G types; 9,152 SF of Existing Ramp Removals to include all ramps, sidewalks, curb and gutter, cross gutters, spandrels, excess subgrade; Bridge approach AC pavement and repairs required; adjusting eight manholes to grade, adjust 14 water valves, adjust one GTE Manhole, and landscape repairs. Other projects have included: 1) Rancho Mirage Observatory Inspection Project, 2) On-Call Permit Inspections, and 3) On-Call Public Works Inspections on Various Development Projects.