Grand Avenue Beautification Project PS&E

KOA was part of the project consulting team to provide the engineering design services for the signal modifications and improvements for the Grand Avenue Beautification Project in the City of Diamond Bar.  The City received grant funds to improve the intersections of Grand Avenue at Diamond Bar Boulevard and Grand Avenue at Livingston Drive that included the removal of existing signal poles and equipment; new decorative signal poles, mast arm, signal heads, and back plates; pedestrian and push-button housings; mounting equipment to match the decorative signal pole color; traffic signal equipment; the relocation and remounting of painted IISNS and video detection cameras; and the re-installation of signs to new poles.  As KOA’s on-call engineering support contract with the City, KOA staff also assisted the City with construction support that verification of pole placement in the field and pot holing pole locations, change orders, review of traffic control plans, and inspection.