KOA prepared PS&E for traffic and infrastructure improvements along Glendale Avenue from SR-134 Eastbound On/Off Ramps to Monterey Road, and Monterey Road between Geneva Street and Verdugo Road. The infrastructure improvements included sidewalks, ADA compliant curb ramps, driveways, median modifications, and pavement rehab. KOA also designed the intersection realignment of Monterey Road and Coronado Drive to limit high-speed cut-through traffic and create an opportunity for a bioswale.  A bioswale was designed to capture storm water runoff from Coronado Avenue and filtrate it naturally prior entering the storm drain system. Another aspect of this project was coordinating with Caltrans to obtain an Encroachment Permit due to improvements along Glendale Avenue near the SR-134 Freeway.  KOA also designed traffic signal modifications at Glendale Avenue/Monterey Road and Glendale Avenue at the SR-134 Eastbound On/Off Ramps. Challenges included providing positive drainage along curb realignments and bulbouts. Also, the bridge width on Glendale Avenue did not allow for standard lane widths, which prompted the preparation of a Caltrans Fact Sheet.