KOA provided Construction Management/Inspection services for the City of Orange. Scope of work included construction of new traffic signal improvements at the intersection of Lemon Street and Palm Avenue. The pre-existing intersection is a four-way Stop control, with crosswalks on all sides and ramps at each corner. There are nearby decorative street lights, with overhead utilities on the east side of the intersection. Pavement is Portland Cement Concrete (PCC}, with Asphalt Concrete (AC) pavement on Lemon Street to the east. The intersection experiences significant traffic, especially during school commuting hours with vehicles, bicycles, skateboards and pedestrians. The project included installation of a new fully controlled traffic signal system including poles, signal hardware, footings, conduit, controller, electrical service, video detection, and lighting. Associated work included improving ramps to current ADA requirements, striping, signing, and utility adjustments. The entire northeast corner was reconstructed including a new ADA curb ramp. In addition, the work complied with the City of Orange Old Towne Historic District design standards.