Broadway & Third Street Protected Bicycle Lanes

KOA prepared a feasibility study for the City of Long Beach to develop protected bikeway facilities, also known a cycle tracks, on two major streets located in the Downtown region of Long Beach, Broadway and Third Street.  Protected bikeways shift parking away from the curb line and provide a separated path exclusively for bikes located between parked vehicles and the left-side curb. Opening in May 2011, the project included several innovative elements, including the use of bike signals to reduce conflicts between left-turn vehicles and the bikeway and the re-timing of adjacent crosswalk signals to provide synchronization for motorists and bicyclists. To include these elements, KOA officially submitted a request to experiment to FHWA, who asked for a before-and-after study as part of the design approval. This study revealed that fewer cyclists used the sidewalk and lower vehicle traffic volumes were present after implementation of the changes. The facility helped to transform the streets, previously predominantly used for freeway access, into a more bicycle and pedestrian friendly retail district.

As a followup, KOA recently assisted the City to reconfigure and relocate the cycle track to the right side of the one-way street for better connectivity with the improvements along east Broadway.