KOA’s transportation planning team balances the needs of all aspects of the transportation system in every project we undertake, applying and developing the best practices in the industry. Our planners and engineers develop ideas and solutions that work as well on paper as they do once constructed. Our solutions to planning issues incorporate mobility, urban design, and sustainability to benefit the rapidly changing world of how we live, work, play, and travel. Our goal is to plan transportation systems that promote safety and alternate forms of mobility such as pedestrian, bicycle and transit, to provide a comprehensive reduction on the impacts of motor vehicle traffic.

KOA provides transportation planning from site, to development, to corridor and citywide mobility plans. We are pioneers in active transportation, bike & pedestrian planning, and complete streets initiatives. We also provide transit planning, freight and goods movement, parking, travel demand forecasting, transportation demand management, neighborhood traffic management, safety studies, grant writing, and grant management services. KOA has played an integral role in the preparation of many environmental impact reports (EIR) and environmental impact statements (EIS) and has developed new tools and analytics in support of SB743.

Planning Services

Master Planning
Alternative Analysis
Bus Transit
Rail Transit
Corridor Studies
Goods Movement Studies
Transportation Demand Management Plans (TDMP)
Neighborhood Traffic Management Plans (NTMP)

Environmental Studies & Design
Institutional Studies & Design
Traffic & Parking Impact Studies
Site Parking Layout Enhancement
Safety Assessments
Traffic Calming
Sign/Signage Inventory
Modeling & Simulation
Site Access & Circulation Analyses & Design

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