KOA was retained by Metro to prepare an alternative analysis, conceptual engineering, and environmental clearance for a transit rapidway project on the Van Nuys Boulevard Corridor. The Corridor extends 9.2 miles along Van Nuys Boulevard, in the eastern San Fernando Valley. The KOA team evaluated 26 build of alternatives as part of this process, including a Transportation Systems Management (TSM) Alternative, a Bus Rapid Transit Alternative with dedicated bus lanes, a Light Rail Transit Alternative, and a Street Car Alternative, and Other Modes and Technologies. The KOA Team is also preparing an environmental clearance through Environmental Impact Statement Environmental Impact Report.

The exploration of alternatives included consideration of the adjacent commuter rail line through Downtown San Fernando and its planned reconfiguration for the High Speed Rail, displacement of parking, incorporation of Class II bikeways, traffic signal modifications, and reconfiguration of street cross sections the length of the project.